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Tortoise Grass / Wildflower Seed Mix

2 Styles to choose from: Tortoise Grass Seed or Tortoise Grass Wildflower Seed


Tortoise Grass Seed Mixture 

This blend produces a pasture that will contain approximately:

10% Timothy 10% Rye 10% Western Wheatgrass 10% Tall Fescue (endophyte free)

10% Bermuda grass 10% Kentucky Blue 10% little Bluestem 10% blue Grama

10% Sheep Fescue & 10% Creeping Red Fescue. This variety provides a well balanced, all nature diet while promoting natural grazing.

Tortoise Grass Wildflower Seed Mixture 

10 seed grass mixture as shown above with added Edible Wild Flower, Crimson Red Clover, Crimson Dutch White Clover & Trefoil Lotus seeds.

Grass can be grown not only outdoors year round but also directly in any window or enclosure so long as UVB or sunlight is provided.


Note that due to legal restrictions, blends shipped to Utah will not contain Bermuda grass

Tortoise Grass / Wildflower Seed Mix

PriceFrom $4.99
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