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Timothy Grass Seed
  • Timothy Grass Seed Climax 1 Pound Or Olam
  • It has broad appeal as hay for and horses, but when combined with alfalfa, it makes nutritious forage for Tortoises and other grazing animals. 
  • The plant is adapted to numerous climates and performs well in even cold, northern regions. Timothy grass care is minimal in most regions.
  • This grass also will attract wildlife to your lawn or meadow. Perennial. (Phleum pratense)
  • It is a cool season perennial grass with rapid growth.
  • Your tortouises  will love fresh grown grass that mimics there natural diets they would have in the wild.
  • Being that a tortoises diet should consist of 70 -80 percent fresh grasses and hays, this combined with an assortment of grasslands grasses and flowers will provide optimal health for your shell babies without concern. Feel free to contact me Kimberlee Owner & founder of Vintage Tortoise for tip of blending a variety of seeds .

Timothy Grass Seed

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