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Reptilia Care Digital Infrared Thermometer for Reptiles
  • MONITOR WITHOUT DISTURBING - Monitor accurately from afar without disturbing your reptile with an 8:1 distance ratio. This infrared digital thermometer for reptiles measures accurately at greater distances compared to most other thermometer for reptiles
  • LASER GUIDE AND BACKLIT LCD - Inbuilt laser guide shows you exactly where you are measuring. No more guessing! Temperature reading in dimly lit conditions is a breeze with a LCD backlit display screen. Switch these features on or off to your liking
  • SIMPLY POINT, PRESS AND MEASURE - Easy and accurate temperature gun for reptiles. Accurately measures thermal gradient, basking area, incubation and hibernation temperatures easily. Press and hold to scan thermal gradient temperatures
  • PORTABLE AND VERSATILE - This small handheld pocket size temp gun for reptiles comes with a lanyard. You can hang it, store it, hook it around your wrist, or simply keep it in your pocket.
  • COMES WITH FREE CARE GUIDE - We have put together a set of habitat and care guides with ideal habitat temperature, terrarium thermometer setup and how to get the best out of this reptile temp gun. Temperature measurement range: -26 to 536°F (-32 to 280°C). Batteries not included

Reptilia Care Digital Infrared Thermometer for Reptiles

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