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20 Pack Dual-Sided Yellow Sticky Insect Traps

20 pack dual-sided yellow sticky traps for flying plant insect
6x8 inches, gnat trap can be cut into small pieces to satisfy your different requirements.

Operating principle of yellow sticky traps:
Use phototaxis of insects, bright color attract flying insects, high quality glue keeps them from escaping, environmental-friendly and pollution-free.

Long-term use for outdoor pest catch, stickiness lasts about one year, if more than half of the surface is covered with insects or dust, in order to avoid affecting the effect of use, please replace as soon as possible.

Widely used:
The gnat sticky traps can be used on vegetables, flowers, especially potted plants indoor.They are also suitable for using in greenhouse, field, orchard, backyard garden and plant nurseries outdoor.

20 Pack Dual-Sided Yellow Sticky Insect Traps

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